Proficient Property Partners is a real estate solutions company with a home base in Mobile, AL with an ever expanding network of home buying experts all across the USA. Whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property on the MLS, own a burdensome property, are in the probate process, or just need to sell your house and relocate fast… we can help!

Proficient Property Partners can assist homeowners with a wide variety of solutions to any real estate problem. We will visit your home for a free, no-obligation appraisal, and then make a fair, market-based offer. We buy houses across the U.S. and the Proficient Property Partners team can help you sell your house fast no matter where the house is, no matter it’s condition. With our ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, we create a very quick and hassle-free transaction. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our offer page and get a no obligation cash offer for your home today!


We started our business because we saw family and friends hurt by the 2008 housing crisis. People close to us lost or almost lost their homes when they were let go from their jobs when the economy sunk and businesses closed. We saw and read about banks unfairly seizing homes, kicking out homeowners, and selling houses at the courthouse steps. We decided that we wanted to help homeowners, inform them about all of the options available to them, and buy houses from people in situations where it makes sense to sell.

When a homeowner contacts us we strive to find out the key details of the situation and what the homeowner is trying to achieve. Then we analyze the situation together with the homeowner and discuss the possible solutions to the problem. Often times people realize that there are resources out there that can help them to avoid selling their house altogether. For people who decide that they do want to sell their house, we discuss the different options that are available to them such asselling with an agent, self-listing, or selling to us for cash. Once the homeowner picks the option that works best for them we go to work and follow our reliable processesto reach the homeowner’s goal as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on being able to solve even the most difficult real estate problems and do it quickly. Here are just some of the real estate problems that we were are able to resolve for our customers.
1. Fire damaged house
2. Probate requiring a fast sale
3. Non-conforming title to the property
4. Selling a house from out of state
5. Foreclosure
6. Relocation
7. Retiring, selling the house, and renting it back for 2 months
8. Fast sale with no real estate agent commissions
9. Tax Liens
10. Divorce requiring a fast sale
11. House in poor condition that real estate agents don’t want to list
12. Property with pest infestations
13. Property requiring serious repairs
14. Property with dozens of abandoned vehicles
15. Guaranteeing purchase 9 months into the future so the owner could plan their retirement
16. Tenants who stopped paying rent and will not leave the property
17. Assistance with moving and storage expenses
18. Property full of personal possession